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If not already done so, it is vitally important to also purchase The First and Second Five Elements Workshops. They are once off purchases and yours to keep forever! You also get a second free Zoom meeting with Sheli to answer any questions you may have (the first Zoom came with the free trial).
The subscription contains the meditations, while in the workshops you are taught specific movements needed to do the meditations because Qi Gong is a moving meditation!

Below each class of the subscription are links to the movements needed. The best way to learn the movements is through doing the subscription and clicking on the links below the class as they come up in each class. The subscription and the workshops work as a pair together.

In this example below of a class, you are taught how to stand correctly, an opening movement called “Open the Flow” and the movements to balance and regulate the Qi in all the points along the liver meridian.

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