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I got bitten on the back of my neck by some mosquitoes when I was lying outside one afternoon. The back of my neck was very sore and swollen. From doing Qi Gong my insect bites usually heal very quickly. They usually heal within an hour. As you know I have Lupus etc.. (which is now inactive). So before doing Qi Gong any injury to my skin, like an insect bite or bruise would take months to heal. Now, it taking an hour to heal is like a miracle! But this time the bites stayed into the next day and were very sore and swollen. How our bodies work is the energy lays the blue print for the architecture of our body. How the energy flows first will affect the tissue in that area. So I was thinking to myself the bites at the back of my neck are lying on the bladder meridian. Maybe my bladder meridian is blocked. That night I did the Deep Cleanse and Clear Class. I felt a sensation in my eyes, like a bit of pressure over the bridge of my nose and inside corners of my eyes. This is where the bladder meridian begins and it travels over the head all the way down the back of the neck, down the back, and back of legs into the feet. The next morning I woke up and the bites were totally flat and all the pain was gone! Sheli Berger

I found Sheli through a support group on Facebook and immediately gave her two-week trial a go. At the time, I was struggling profoundly with sleep issues, fatigue, upper back pain and neck pain, swelling, frequent illness, and more. I’ve been doing her Qi Gong work now for about two months and continue to see progress daily. I won’t miss a session. My life is hectic, so I love the 20-minute options the best but have dabbled in the longer ones of 30 minutes to an hour. I truly feel like I’m learning to heal myself. It’s been magical, and I’m a skeptic, so that’s saying A LOT. Sheli does a lovely job guiding participants through meditation, her voice is relaxing and calm. Her knowledge of Qi Gong and healing is vast, and she does a great job instilling it into others while guiding the Qi Gong courses. Worth every moment and penny. Also, I find the subscription to be highly affordable and easy to access. She’s also attentive and responds quickly. 

The deep cleanse and clear class has been so helpful in the past couple of weeks. I’ve used it when I have felt good, started to feel ill, and even when I have felt very sick. On one particular day, I woke up with a terrible stomach bug. I was certain it would knock me out for days, but I had the fortitude to do this class and was amazed to find that my stomach bug lasted only several hours, was less severe than I have ever experienced, and I felt great the following day. It’s also helped with mental clarity and sleep struggles. C

When Daily Cup of Qi was recommended to me I was skeptical because it was way out of my comfort zone. But since it was recommended by someone I trust with my life, I tried it. I wasn’t immediately comfortable, but was hopeful from the start.

When Sheli shared her story with us and told us how it had tremendously improved her life in so many ways, I had to keep going. I have been doing classes for about 8 months now and am hooked. In the beginning I did all the classes seated. Aside from the fact that Sheli is amazing and caring, I am seeing results I could only have dreamed possible. For example, I have had chronic bursitis in my hips for years – to the point that I could not sleep on either side, and even walking around a mall was very painful. I can happily say I can sleep on either side now for the first time in years and I actually walked 20,000 steps one day without pain. My hips moved as smoothly as butter. Also, since I have serious neck pain and have had surgery on both shoulders, it is usually painful to have my bag on my shoulder. Now I can walk freely with my bag without suffering. I now am able to stand for a full class!

I really love the Deep Cleanse and Clear class, I am hooked on that also. It’s an amazing class. It feels a little weird at first but it really helps clear out emotions and energy (qi) and prepares your body to heal. It is very relaxing and calming.

I also love the convenience of the system. I can do a Qi gong class any time I want. And I love all the explanations that come with it. It is not just Qi Gong classes but it is also classes of explanations that help me understand why we do what we do! I just love it!

So, even if it’s out of your comfort zone, or you are skeptical, give it a try. You won’t be sorry. Sheli is very approachable if you have any questions. Bev

I have been doing Qi Gong for 2 months now, apart from it being really fun it is also very relaxing! I have an under active thyroid and weight loss has always been difficult for me. I am extremely excited to share that I have lost 2 kgs without making any dietary changes at all!! I can’t wait to see what else changes in my body! I love Daily Cup of Qi, it is so easy to use and so convenient! Sarah (Chicago)

Only one week into the routine (daily 20 minute movement class in the morning and 1 hour Deep Cleanse and Clear in the evening before bed), I’ve noticed I’m less anxious and have more energy and better sleep… It for sure takes a willing suspension of disbelief to just jump in since it’s nothing like what most of us have done in the past…but from my limited time so far, I have seen such changes and look forward to more to come… Devorah (Pardes Hanna)

I started getting a cold and didn’t feel nice. I had a headache and just felt rotten. When I got home from work I got into bed and did the Deep Cleanse and Clear Class. After the class I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt so much better. I slept really well that night and when I woke up the next morning my cold was completely gone. Daily Cup of Qi is truly amazing! Steve

For years I have been struggling with regulating my blood sugar, to no avail. Recently the situation had been getting worse, and about two months ago I started Qi Gong on Daily Cup of Qi. The change was almost immediate. My hunger levels dropped off, and I no longer felt dizzy spells between meals. Qi Gong practice with Sheli has already made a dramatic impact on my body. I feel calmer, healthier, more grounded, more energetic. Daily Cup of Qi is a blessing! Ann

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