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The First Five Elements Flow Workshop


The Five Elements is the basis of Chinese Medicine and it’s actually the basis of Western medicine too. Let me explain. The Five Elements refers to organ pairs in the body:

The lungs and large intestine refer to the metal element. The kidneys and the bladder refer to the water element. The liver and the gall bladder refer to the wood element. The heart and the small intestine refer to the fire element. And lastly the spleen, stomach and pancreas which refer to the earth element.

When we go for blood tests the doctors check various levels in the body. These either directly or indirectly reflect what is going on in each organ. This gives your doctor a picture of what is happening inside your body.

And in Chinese Medicine it is the same. We also assess the health of a person by looking at the flow of energy through these organs. When we do Qi Gong, and in particular the Five Element routines, we focus on correcting any imbalances of electricity and other qi (qi is also blood, hormones and any chemical that the body produces) in these systems. As we restore balance to these systems, good health follows.

This is an important workshop for the Subscription classes. It teaches you the mechanics of the movements needed for The First Five Elements Flow. Qi Gong is a meditation in motion where we move energy through the meridians. When we do the subscription classes I will teach you how to meditate with it. Here I teach you the step-by-step break down of the movements. In this routine we move qi through specific meridian lines and acupuncture points. If your movements are not correct you will be missing out on vital healing. We use The First Five Elements Flow regularly in the subscription classes and you will need to refer back to this workshop regularly. This is a once off purchase and yours to keep forever and you can refer back to it as often as you wish. Because of the highly detailed nature and many layers of Qi Gong you will find yourself coming back to these basics for years to come! The Five Elements is the basis of Medical Qi Gong and thus vital to your daily progress.


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