How I have Benefitted from doing Qi Gong

I have the autoimmune disease, Lupus. An autoimmune disease means your body’s immune system behaves like it has Covid when something else invades the body. E.g. if I just get a simple cold or flu, my immune system attacks my body, instead of attacking the cold and allowing me to get better. So when I get sick it always takes a very long time to heal and I always need antibiotics. Since doing Qi Gong this has improved dramatically. I barely get sick anymore and I never need antibiotics. My body is able to correctly heal itself like it should be able to. Qi Gong allows the immune system to behave in the correct way in response to an invading bacteria or virus. I would highly recommend it for those with autoimmune diseases.

I have an under-active thyroid along with the associated weight gain, tiredness and foggy thinking. Qi Gong has helped me lose 11 kgs (24 lbs)! I also sleep better and don’t wake up exhausted in the morning anymore. It really was a struggle to get out of bed before, not anymore! My energy levels last throughout the day, my mind is clear and I have become an overall much more productive person. I have also noticed I am more organised.

The change that surprised me the most was I had an extremely painful lump that appeared under my skin just below my knee shortly after I immigrated. Nothing I did got it to go away. I did manage to get the pain to go away with acupuncture but the lump itself would not go away. I had it for over 3 years. After a couple months of consistent practice of Qi Gong it totally and completely vanished! 

I used to be a very picky eater and did not enjoy a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. As a child whenever I was given them they always made me sick and I never enjoyed the taste. It has made my life a bit embarrassing when eating out. Since practicing Qi Gong I found myself getting curious about fruit and veggies and eating them and the best part…. enjoying them!!! It has changed my world!!

I used to get very strong cravings for sweets and junk food. I don’t anymore. It’s wonderful to be able to go into a supermarket and walk through the junk food isle without getting a single solitary craving.

You know how there are some people who no matter how hot it is, they never seem to feel the heat? They literally seem like they must come from another planet. But really all this is, is their bodies are working correctly to dissipate the heat. When I first started Qi Gong my teacher told me that with the continued practice of special exercises we could protect ourselves from feeling the heat. I have to say I did not really believe it was possible. But I am very pleased to say I no longer feel affected by the crazy summer heat! I don’t even need to use my air conditioning anymore when inside. When I go outside I can feel it is hot, but it doesn’t penetrate my body and I can enjoy being out in nature during the summer! 

I used to get lots of upset stomachs! LOTS! I also used to be very bloated and feel extremely uncomfortable especially after big meals. I used to get very debilitating migraines. So extreme I would have to be admitted to hospital every time with no exception. My migraine days are a thing of the past too! 

I love to run. I never used to be the strongest runner, but I did LOVE to run! I noticed after a couple of months of practicing Qi Gong that my running became much easier. I gain momentum much faster and reach that moment when it becomes effortless much quicker. I feel much more powerful in my running and also find my breathing feels very effortless. I also find I feel that lovely nice post-exercise feeling all day long instead of just for an hour or so afterwards. It really has boosted my performance and stamina. If you want to improve your cardiovascular workouts I would really recommend adding Qi Gong to your routine. 

I have become a much calmer more centered person since doing Qi Gong. It is a lovely experience. The only way I can think to describe it to you, is to say it really makes you enjoy being in your body. Because I have had so many health challenges myself I enjoy watching my students grow and their health improve. I look forward to helping others in the same way that Qi Gong has helped me. Come give it a try!

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