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My father has died and I was unable to get classes uploaded before I flew out. I am out of the country and will be returning on Friday! I will make this up to you!

The Subscription service gives you unlimited access to a video library of classes. There are 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour classes! Every week 6 new classes are uploaded. Each set of weekly classes stays up for a full month and can be done as many times as you wish. You can cancel at any time!

When you subscribe to the Monthly Subscription and buy the The First and Second Five Elements Workshops, you also get a free Zoom consultation with Sheli. You can do the consultation any time in the first 3 months. Some people find it helpful to do the subscription first for a few months first and then check in.

I have purposefully made the price low so that everyone can enjoy Qi Gong. It is a very important part of preventative medicine.

Over time you will learn lots of techniques for self-healing and an amazing variety of movements, exercises, and meditations. I believe in offering a great variety, here you will find standing routines, floor routines as well as seated routines. These will allow you to self-heal, increase your energy, and calm your mind. Leaving you refreshed, peaceful and calm! Enjoy a life with less pain, greater flexibility, emotional balance, and mental clarity. You will learn special techniques that you can use when you get a simple cold to move the body into healing as well as the Qi Gong approach for complex life illnesses!

Qi Gong gives you a very balanced workout of your body and your energy system. It combines exercise with breathwork, gentle movements, stretches, mindfulness, meditation, and strength building exercises. In Qi Gong you get to work all aspects of yourself which leaves you feeling calm and balanced!

You can either view the classes on your cell phone, tablet or computer. You can share screen from your cell phone, tablet or computer to your TV screen, using either wifi or an HDMI cable.

Section A: About the Classes

Section B: Some Basic Principles: Start Here

Section C: The First Five Elements Flow: Uploaded 9 June  – Expires 7 July

Section D: The Second Five Elements Flow: Uploaded 16 June – Expires 14 July

Section E: The Three Treasures: Uploaded Sunday 23 June – Expires 21 July

Section F: Qi Gong for Healthy Hearing (& brain, neck & sleeping): Uploaded 30 June – Expires 28 July

Section G: Deep Cleanse and Clear Workshop – The Five Elements

Section H: Deep Cleanse and Clear Classes – The Five Elements

Section I: How to Sleep  Deeply

Section J: How to do Qi Gong with Children

Section K: About Sheli Berger

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