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Welcome to your free trial. You also get a free Zoom consultation with me. Please email me to book it! Make sure to check your spam folder for my reply. Please also provide your cell number in case I need to Whatsapp you in case the email bounces.

Qi Gong is a practice for less stress and more energy! Qi Gong is considered the highest branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine because it is something that you do for yourself! In this free 2 week trial you will get a taste of what Qi Gong is and how it makes you feel. There are classes to suit all your needs: 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour classes! Qi Gong can be done standing or seated, as per your needs. There are over 3500 different styles and movements in Qi Gong, this is just a small taste and it will give you an idea of what to expect in the Subscription Classes!! Bon appetit!

Through Qi Gong I have completely reversed my Lupus which I was diagnosed with at age 5. I have also reversed my epilepsy and osteoporosis. I used to get violent migraines that put me in hospital every time without exception, accompanied by extreme vertigo, vomiting and upset stomach. I no longer get any of these symptoms anymore. I had a very slow metabolism and was unable to lose any weight. Since doing Qi Gong I have lost 10 kg / 22 lbs. Qi Gong has also corrected my blood sugar which was very high. My thyroid has improved a whole point and I know in time I will be able to come off my thyroid medication completely. This has been my journey, I look forward to helping you with yours!

Qi Gong is preventative medicine, you do not need to be unwell to do it. Qi Gong is great for improving your fitness and flexibility, your sleeping, your mental acuity, your memory, your self esteem and so much more!

You can either view the classes on your cell phone, tablet or computer. If you would like you can share screen from your cell phone, tablet or computer to your TV screen to view the videos using either wifi or a physical cable. Ask your local computer store to help you!

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2 Week Free Trial

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5 thoughts on “2 Week Free Qi Gong Trial”

  1. Thoroughly enjoying your classes.
    Explanations are great.
    Loving the sensation of Qi tingling through my body after a class!

  2. Sheli thank you so much! I like doing your classes in the morning in my own time. It’s a really good combination between a meditation and a warm up for the body. And the 20 Minute Qi Break is very helpful when you don’t have much time. The practice helps me to feel connected to my body and calm my mind.

  3. I did a lovely 40 minute class yesterday. It was most enjoyable and I felt really good afterwards. I am really enjoying this program. Simple and easy to use with lots of variety! Thank you, Sheli!! Estelle Chasen

  4. I get very stiff and heavy in my chest because of the war, but these lessons help me to relax. This is a blessing!

  5. Excellent first lessons! Loved it! Felt incredibly well all over and it lasted throughout the day! This is powerful!

    This is definitely a very effective practice to relieve stress and feel energized at the same time.
    Clear instructions and easy to follow!

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